Turn Your Enemies Against Each Other In Roguelike The Wishgranter



The Wishgranter puts players in procedurally-generated labyrinths and tasks them with surviving when death is permanent, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have to do all of the monster-killing work on their own. With smart movements, they’ll be able to turn the creatures against one another.



The Wishgranter stars an array of unfortunate heroes who have all ended up in a strange city, one cut off from the world. They can only escape it should they appease the Wishgranter, who wants relics from the dungeons under the city. This means combing its generated depths for treasures, dealing with the irritable inhabitants within.


Players will have limited resources to deal with whatever they run into below, using swords, potions, and equippable items to keep themselves going. The cute enemies are relentless, though, so players will have a difficult time, especially since they lose everything upon death. However, enemies are vulnerable to each other’s attacks, as well as to the traps within the dungeons, so players can use this to lead them into one another’s shots and slashes. In doing so, they can save precious resources and make the creatures work for them.




As players do make progress, however, the town above them will slowly improve, and the game will dole out a story that will explain more on why the player is there, as well as who the Wishmaster is.


The Wishmaster is raising votes on Steam Greenlight, but lists no projected release date.

Alistair Wong
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