Turn Foes (And Hopefully Not Your Lover) To Stone With Medusa And Man


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Medusa and Man is a co-op VR game that follows Medusa and her lover through a desert as they battle enemies. Medusa can turn these foes to stone to make things easier, but if she’s not careful, she can just as easily do the same to her partner.


Medusa and Man puts one player in the role of a warrior who can fight off enemies who move too close to the Medusa, and the Medusa who can use ocular beams to turn foes to stone if it strikes them in their eyes. The players will need to work together to freeze or slash all of the enemies and bosses that attack them as they cross the desert, but should they accidentally meet each others’ gaze, the warrior will get turned to stone and they will lose.

Players can play Medusa and Man cooperatively in local co-op, or a single player can tackle the game alone by controlling both characters at the same time by using the left or right hand controller.


Medusa and Man is listed as coming soon on its site, with no concrete release date.

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