Turn Off The Lights, Turn Up The Sound With Indie Game Fract

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We’re not entirely sure what it is with indie devs, music genres and the trip-inducing visuals they choose but we like them. Fract is a new game that’s on Steam Greenlight, being developed by indie devs Phosfiend Systems. It bills itself a musical exploration game.


The world that players arrive on was once made out of sound, making every movement a reverberation across some note or other. As you wander the gigantic synthesized world, you’ll have to solve puzzles that play on musical themes such as the rhythm-fiddling puzzle in the video above that powers up the broken down machines scattered across the land.



All this creates music that seems to revitalize the world—though for what purpose who can say. It’s the kind of game you expect to play with headphones on and late at night so one can fully get immersed into the world that Fract is trying to pull us into.


Everything is like a giant musical playground, and it may be interesting to see hear what happens when you mess up the beats on purpose. Sorta like Audiosurf or Rez, but told in a new manner rather than the simple music tracks generated by those titles. Fract has been in development for quite a long while, since 2011 actually, but certain life-changing events for the devs meant the game took a little bit longer to get to finished than they expected.


Fract is expected to be out in 2014 for both PC and Mac.

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