Turn To Stone To Protect Yourself In Dungeonhaven’s Challenging Combat


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Dungeonhaven is a challenging third person action game, one where a knight born from stone can switch back to their rocky form in order to make themselves safe from damage as they battle their way through living dungeons.


The Earth Core, the manifest will of a living dungeon, has called a knight out of the stone, tasking them with draining the powers from the other living dungeons so that she can possess them all. This knight, controlled by the player, must set out into these living dungeons and take their powers, which conveniently allow the knight to use their elemental powers in combat as well.

Dungeonhaven promises challenging melee combat against intelligent foes as they comb through these deadly locales, but players can turn themselves to stone when needed to protect from harm. Players will also have access to damage enhancing elemental powers they gain from the dungeon cores, as well as access to items that can heal or harm. However, players may not know which items do what at first, but they can always toss them at an enemy to see what they do.


Dungeonhaven is currently projected to release sometime in 2019.

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