Twisted Wonderland Introduces The Savanaclaw And Diasomnia Dorms


    twisted wonderland dorms

    We reported yesterday on how gameplay for Disney and Aniplex’s Twisted Wonderland game will work, but that’s not all that’s new. While we’ve gone over the Heartslabyul, Octovinelle, Scarabia, Pomefiore, and Ignihyde dorms, and over the past two weeks the final two dorms, Savanaclaw (based off Lion King) and Diasomnia (based off Sleeping Beauty) were introduced.


    As a reminder, all characters are being designed by Black Butler mangaka Yana Toboso.


    Without further ado, here are the new characters:

    Savanaclaw Dorm (twisted from The Lion King)

    Leona Kingscholar (CV: Yuuichirou Umehara)

    savanaclaw 1

    “Life is unfair. Don’t you think so too?”

    The dorm head of the Savanaclaw dorm. He’s got strong magical abilities, but hates working hard and lazy. In his home country, he’s the second prince, and he’s quite rude to everyone.


    Jack Howl (CV: Taito Ban)

    savanaclaw 2

    “I don’t intend on working together with anyone.”

    A first-year, like the protagonist. He’s a hardcore delinquent with an axe to grind against the order. He dedicates himself fully to training himself, and hates getting along with others.


    Ruggie Bucchi (CV: Aoi Ichikawa)

    savanaclaw 3

    “This world is dog eat dog. If you don’t eat while you can, you won’t survive, you know?”

    A second-year in the Savanaclaw dorm, and an underclassman Leona looks out for. He grew up in a poor family, so he’s quick to eat when he can.


    Diasomnia Dorm (twisted from Sleeping Beauty)

    Malleus Draconia (CV: Kazuki Katou)

    diasomnia 1

    “Oh my, it seems that an invitation wasn’t sent to me once again.”

    The head of Diasomnia dorm. He’s a descendant of the fairy tribe, and thus has one of the highest amounts of magical power in this world. He’s by far the standout student in all of Night Raven College, but thanks to his aura other students keep away from him.


    Lilia Vanrouge (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa)

    diasomnia 2

    “Where’s Malleus? What, he didn’t come here? Oh dear, I’ll have to find him again…”

    Malleus’ chaperone. A mysterious individual said to have lived for ages despite his youthful appearance.


    Silver (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki)

    diasomnia 3

    “Malleus, you’re going to far in toying with them.”

    A second-year student in Diasomnia dorm who protects Malleus as if he was his knight. He’s quiet and calm, but sometimes he falls into a deep sleep.


    Sebek Zigvolt (CV: Haruki Ishiya)

    diasomnia 4

    “Don’t think a commoner human like you could ever reach the heights of the great Malleus Draconia!”

    A first-year in Diasomnia who’s happy that he got into Night Raven College alongside Malleus, whom he respects. His opinions differ from Silver’s a lot, so they argue often.


    Night Raven College staff

    Sam (CV: Subaru Kimura; twisted from The Princess & The Frog)


    The owner of the school shop, Mr. S’ Mystery Shop. He’s known to the students for his friendly demeanor, and he stocks everything from raw eggs to magic stones in his shop.


    Twisted Wonderland is in development for iOS and Android. The game now has a Winter 2019 launch date.

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