Twisted Wonderland Shows Off Its Student-Managing Gameplay


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We’ve reported several times in the past about Disney and Aniplex’s villain game project Twisted Wonderland, and this past week during a stage event a new trailer was revealed for the game, which is in development for Android and iOS.


Check out the trailer below [Thanks, Ikemen fangirl on Youtube!]:


Furthermore, the System page on the official website went up today, showing off how gameplay will be handled.


Home Page

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Where you can talk to whoever is on the screen at the time, and see their various expressions and more.



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At Night Raven College, you’ll be able to put the students through different types of lessons, and depending on the lessons their stat growth will be altered as such. Of course, the player is a student as well, and will take these classes alongside them. Classes include Magic History, Alchemy, and Flying.



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The main story is split into three parts:

VN Part

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You’ll read through the story, which is fully voiced and supports Live2D, and find out more about your fellow classmates.


Rhythmic Part

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A rhythm game section where you need to tap at the right timing to the beat. The characters will talk between themselves, and each story chapter features different enemies and songs.


Battle Part

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In battle, the students use the magic they learn to fight. Players must instruct them to take advantage of element types and weaknesses in order to win the battle.



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Tests are a measure of how much you’ve grown as a sorcerer at Night Raven College. Battles are conducted during these tests, and there are various tests to choose from. The points earned during battle decide your rank, and the higher your rank, the more rewards you get.


Twisted Wonderland is in development for iOS and Android. The game now has a Winter 2019 launch date.

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