Twisted Wonderland The Hades-Inspired Ignihyde House

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The official website for Twisted Wonderland has gotten a revamp to welcome the introduction of the Ignihyde House, based off Hades from Hercules. Additionally, the protagonist’s partner, a cat named Grim, has also been introduced.


As a reminder, Twisted Wonderland is a project between Disney and Aniplex that is all about handsome male students based off various Disney villains. You can read more about the other two houses revealed so far, Heartslabyul and Octavinelle, plus the story of the game, here, Scarabia house here, and Pomefiore house here. As previously stated, Black Butler mangaka Yana Toboso is designing characters for Twisted Wonderland.


Ignihyde House

Idia Shroud (CV: Kouki Uchiyama)

idia 1

“I fit in better with dark and moody surroundings. Please, can you just leave me alone?”

The house leader of Ignihyde dorm. He’s an introverted and glum person who doesn’t like interacting with others, and is always shut in his own room. However it seems he has a different personality online…


Ortho Shroud (CV: Shouta Aoi)

ortho 1

“Big brother’s actually a really amazing person.”

Idia’s younger brother. He always does things together with Idia, and cares about him a lot. Unlike his brother, Ortho’s cheery and honest, and is brimming with curiosity.


Grim (CV: Noriaki Sugiyama)

grim 1

A monster that can use magic, who is the protagonist’s partner. He’s a big mouth, and gets carried away easily.


Twisted Wonderland is in development for iOS and Android.

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