TwitchDatesPokémon Is A Visual Novel Parody Of TwitchPlaysPokémon



The first instalment of the visual novel parody TwitchDatesPokémon is now available to download for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux. The download links can be found in this Reddit post.


TwitchDatesPokémon was inspired by fan art of TwitchPlaysPokémon that re-imagined it as a dating sim. That was 11 months ago, and since then, the team that came together under the name TableFort Studios has been making that idea a reality.



You play as a young Espeon with the nickname Burrito as she attends Twitch Academy. As you start your first week at the school, you’ll meet your fellow classmates, enrol and attend the first classes, and enjoy your mom’s homemade salsa on all your meals.


There are seven dateable characters in this first part of TwitchDatesPokémon. And you’ll want to ensure you don’t make any mistakes with them as the game’s relationship system will carry over to the next instalment of the game.


If you want to keep track of TwitchDatesPokémon’s future releases then you should check out its subreddit.



Chris Priestman