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These Two Lovers Do Whatever It Takes For The Other In Samurai Warriors 4



Love in the time of war is no easy feat. There’s little time or opportunity to do the entire dance proper, so it’s a good thing then that Muneshige Tachibana, hailed as a man amongst men of his time and the Valiant of Chinzei (Kyushu), is married to an equally headstrong but loving wife in Ginchiyo. While he employs wind-based attacks, his wife (below) runs around with an electrified sword that can generate an electric field around her against any who come close.




Munenori Yagyu, however, is renowned as a famous swordsman and trainer, having trained the Tokugawa shogunate’s troops. His most famous disciple is better known as Jubei, who was equally good with the sword. Munenori’s fighting style follows iaido, the art of drawing, slicing and then sheathing a sword really, really, really reaaaally fast. With his speed you can barely see the sword flash. That katana is humongous too, so one can only imagine how much weight he’s pulling.


Samurai Warriors 4 comes out on March 20 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.