Type-Moon’s Tsukihime Remake Is Alive And Kicking, And Currently Undergoing Test Play



In an interview with Famitsu published today, Type-Moon head Kinoko Nasu reassured that the Tsukihime remake is not only alive and well, but also currently undergoing testing.


The question came as part of an interview segment focusing on Fate/Grand Order and the conclusion to the second arc inching ever closer. Nasu mentioned that while did have a rough idea of what to do with the story of Fate/Grand Order after Arc 2, that would be decided by the players, and that by that time, it would be about time to focus on the company’s main projects.

The interviewer then said, “Speaking of your main job, I’m looking forward to the Tsukihime remake”, to which Nasu answered, “We’re currently doing a bit of test playing on it, but I believe it’ll be more fun the older you are.”


The Tsukihime remake is (still) in development. Check out our previous post from… 2015 on the game’s new characters and story elements.

Alistair Wong
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