Udon Kicks Off 2021 With Darkstalkers Lucky Felicia Items

darkstalkers lucky felicia

While it may seem like it has been forever since there’s been a Darkstalkers game, new items inspired by the series continue to appear. For example, Udon Entertainment announced some new items featuring one of its more recognizable heroines. A Darkstalkers Felicia hoodie and pair of enamel pins that make her look like a Maneki-neko are now available through its store. The pins are available now, while the hoodie will show up in February 2021. If people buy both, they’ll also get a decorative metal card with Felicia on it.

With the Darkstalkers Lucky Felicia pins, people have two options. One is to spend $15 on a random draw. This will give people either a standard or glitter variant of the enamel pin. If you pay $30, then you’re guaranteed both versions of the pin.

darkstalkers lucky felicia pins

As for the hoodie, it’s a sky-blue pullover with the Lucky Felicia design on the front. Its a unisex design available in small, medium, large, extra large, and 2XL sizes. Regardless of size, it will cost $50. Pre-orders for it will close on January 18, 2021.

darkstalkers lucky felicia hoodie

This is the second recent round of Darkstalkers items from Udon. Back in October 2020, the company announced a hoodie that had both Morrigan and Lilith on it.

The Darkstalkers Lucky Felicia pins are available now, and the hoodie will be available until February 2021.

Jenni Lada
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