Udon’s Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 Issue 1 Covers Revealed

udon street fighter 2020 swimsuit special chun-li

Udon Entertainment is preparing the Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1, and the first part of that involves teasing people with the different sorts of covers they could collect. There will be six options for the issue, which will be available on August 19, 2020. However, one of those is the blank option where you can draw your own cover for the 32-page, full color special. As some have special limitations, you might need to shop online, directly through Udon, or get in touch with a retailer to ensure you get the cover that you would want.

The price for Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1 varies, depending on which cover you get and where you go. For example, the limited edition covers available through the Udon online store are limited editions that are more expensive. For example, the standard Bride Cammy, which is an online-exclusive and was drawn by Rob “Robaato” Porter, is $20. The online-exclusive Shadaloo Bride Cammy variant is $50, because only 100 will be made. Likewise, the Groom Ryu and Groom Evil Ryu designs, both drawn by Absolum, are in a similar position. The former is $20 and the latter $50, with the latter only having 100 copies available.

Standard retail copies of Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1 will be more affordable, running between $4.99 and $5.99 for the issue. Three cover options with characters will be available this way. Adam Warren’s Poison will be on one, Jonboy Meyers’ Cammy and Juri cover is another, and the third is a “retailer incentive” that has Genzoman’s Chun-Li on it.

Finally, to go along with all the covers, a few pictures of the art that you’ll find within the issue’s pages have been shared. The preliminary images show chow characters like Birdie, Chun-Li, Poison, Rashid, and Rose. These are only a handful of characters, with the official product description also mentioning M. Bison will be among the people showing up in the scenes.

Street Fighter Swimsuit Special 2020 issue #1 will be released on August 19, 2020.

Jenni Lada
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