Ultra Hat Dimension Is Expanding Its Face-Punching, Hat-Wearing Puzzles



The Spluffs will be punching players for wearing the wrong hat in even more stages, as Ultra Hat Dimension is getting an expanded version for its Steam release.




Originally released in 2015 on, Ultra Hat Dimension casts players as Bea, the first otherworlder to win the Spluff Kingdom’s hat designing competition. A rival designer doesn’t care for this and curses the Spluffs, making them hostile to people wearing a different hat from them. For Bea to navigate the now punch-hungry populace, she’ll have to make sure she’s got the right hat on, then push these aggressive creatures into one another to solve the game’s puzzles.


The expanded version of the game will feature even more puzzling levels, and add on more story elements. Players will also be able to fix any mistakes they make with the new Undo function, making it easier to experiment. The developer has also added mod support so players can make their own levels, and step counts/leaderboards for players who wish to compete for the best performance. 




Ultra Hat Dimension is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight.

Alistair Wong
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