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Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash Release Date Falls in August

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash has a worldwide release date of August 30, 2024. Pre-orders for the physical version, which will also include a sticker, are open as well in Japan. [Thanks, PR Times!]

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As a note, those who purchase one from the initial production can get a serial code that they can use in the Umamusume mobile and PC games. This serial code will allow you to get a limited support card, as well as in-game currency and items. Cygames will also release a Deluxe Box edition, which will include all the bonuses above and a block-figure set, a pouch, art, and DLC.

The English website does not yet have the prices available. However, here are the prices for the Japanese versions of the game:

  • Standard physical version: 4840 JPY ($30.90)
  • Special edition: 6930 JPY ($44.20)
  • Deluxe box (just the goods): 8800 JPY ($56.15)
  • Deluxe Box: 14,800 JPY ($94.40)

Also, as a note, the digital versions will not include the physical goods. The English website only displays the digital versions, which probably means that Cygames does not intend on to release the physical editions of Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash outside of Japan.

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash is a minigame-filled spin-off of Umamusume: Pretty Derby. The story revolves around the titular umamusume, or horse girls, who are personified versions of real-life racehorses. Not only do the characters compete in races much like real horses, but they also perform on stage like idols.’

Umamusume: Pretty Derby – Party Dash will come out on August 30, 2024, for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC via Steam.

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