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Umbrella Corps Looks Back At Resident Evil Code: Veronica With Its Antarctic Base Map



    Capcom’s upcoming PS4 and PC third-person shooter, Umbrella Corps, refamiliarizes us with Umbrella’s hidden Antarctic base in a new trailer that starts with Resident Evil Code: Veronica story footage as seen in Darkside Chronicles.


    The Antarctic Base, set within the Umbrella research facility, was never repaired after the deadly T-virus incident witnessed in Resident Evil Code: Veronica. The base remains in its heavily destroyed state, featuring a vertically expansive play area covering three floors that allow players to endure a thrilling fast-paced round of hide and seek gameplay. Perhaps the most tactical map in the game, players can utilise cover points, interwoven ventilation ducts, and ladders to unleash deadly surprise attacks on their foes.


    Capcom also shared the following:


    In addition to environments from Resident Evil Code: Veronica, a powerful threat is featured in the new screens. Special “Mutated Zombies” appear in the Multi-Mission Mode’s SP DNA Hunter rule set, where players can only win by defeating these powerful enemy variants. Mutated Zombies can deal heavy damage, take a beating, and are resistant to the normally pacifying effects of your Zombie Jammer pack. Even worse, enemies nearby Mutated Zombies are also immune to the Zombie Jammer, so stay frosty.


    A handful of new weapons have also been revealed with new screens. The new batch of artillery includes a Brainer variant called the Talonhawk, and the Wolfsbane pistol. The robust gear customization options of Umbrella Corps even allows players to paint their Wolfsbane gold to match the handgun type wielded by the late Steve Burnside in Code: Veronica.


    Umbrella Corps features a variety of modes for players to check out, including the Multi-Mission multiplayer mode that supports up to 6 players in best-three-out-of-five format with 9 game modes that are chosen at random. You can read more about that in our earlier report.


    Umbrella Corps will release in June 21, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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