Uncover Conspiracies In A Cyberpunk 1980s In Majestic Nights


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Epiphany Games has released the first two chapters of its episodic cyberpunk action adventure Majestic Nights onto Steam for Windows and Mac. There should be iOS and Android versions following shortly.


Majestic Nights is set in an alternative 1980s in which all the conspiracy theories past and present are true. This leads to a world crammed with “hidden intrigue and sinister plots, government cover-ups and alien sightings, CIA experiments.”


You play as an intelligence operative called Cardholder who, it is suggested, may have been responsible for these conspiracy events. Unfortunately, her past is shrouded even from herself.



As you venture into this world, you’ll make use of your wits, stealth, and force when necessary as you look for clues while investigating the truth behind all these conspiracies.


The first season of Majestic Nights consists of six chapters. You can purchase all of them for $19.99, or they’re available individually at $4.99 each. There’s also a Chapter Zero demo that is available for free.


There’s more information on the Majestic Nights website if you’re looking for it.

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