Undead Darlings Battle Video Shows Its Zombie Girls In Combat

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Undead Darlings ~no cure for love~ will have players fighting oddball monsters with an array of zombie ladies as they try to find a zombie cure, and its developers have released a short video on how combat is coming along for the combination visual novel/dungeon crawling RPG.



Combat will be turn-based, and judging from the golfing rat and purple, frog-wielding magician, will feature many absurd enemies as players explore its bleak caverns. Players will choose from an array of abilities for each of their zombie girls, and can plan their assault based on the turn order in the upper right corner, which flows from right to left.


The short trailer only gives a quick indication on how combat will flow, and offers little in the way of new mechanics, but does show that players familiar with the dungeon-crawling genre will be able to hop right in and feel comfortable with the battle system.




Undead Darlings is in development, and players can follow its creation on the game’s site or support it on Patreon.

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