Under Night In-Birth And Melty Blood Developer French Bread Is On A Hiring Spree



French Bread, the developer known for their 2D fighting games like the Melty Blood and Under Night In-Birth series, is going on a hiring spree to add various staff members to their game production team.



recruit_hyd000 recruit_lin000

Currently the position in need are “2D dot-graphic designers” so that’s someone that can work with pixel art animation. Animation production experience isn’t mandatory, but the position will work on pixel art for characters as shown in the above images for example.



Other positions in need are battle planners and battle programmers, but the recruitment appears to have ended over on the official website for Under Night In-Birth.


French Bread was originally founded in 1995 as Watanabe Production. Perhaps they’re looking to make something on time for their 25th anniversary next year.

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