Understanding Fate/Grand Order Arcade’s Rules, User Interface, Controls, And Noble Phantasms



Type-Moon shared the latest of Fate/Grand Order Arcade with a new gameplay trailer and a first look at its arcade cabinet. The official website has updated with plenty of information on how the game is played, with basic rules, user interface, controls, gameplay elements, Noble Phantasms, and special attacks.



In the Grand Order (National Competition) you’ll fight as the Master commanding a party of three Servants to participate in 3v3 format battles. During Grand Orders, you’ll play as a Servant.


Here are details on the winning conditions:


  • Defeat enemy Servants to fill up the Destroy Gauge.
  • The team that maxes out the Destroy Gauge first or has it filled more by the time limit is victorious.
  • By possessing the Holy Grail your Destroy Gauge fills up more.



Destroy Gauge (Allies in blue, enemies in red)


Red names are enemy Servants


In possession of the Holy Grail

Here’s a look at the user interface of Fate/Grand Order Arcade:


  1. Servant Information: HP displays health. When it reaches 0, it will change to the next Servant. When the NP reaches 100% you can activate a Noble Phantasm.
  2. Command Card: Touch to select a Command Card and perform an attack. You can pick three to activate an effect.
  3. Skill: Touch to activate skill. Display effect range by holding down the button.
  4. Ally Player Information: Touch to face selected player.
  5. Destroy Gauge, Holy Grail Count, Remaining Time: When a match doesn’t conclude within its time limit, the team with the higher Destroy Gauge wins.
  6. Map: Touch to switch between “full map” and “detailed.” You can also touch to set the map directions on or off.
  7. Magic Power Gauge: Consumed when performing dashes and evasions. Automatically regenerates over time.
  8. Target Cursor: When attacking the enemy displayed on the Target Cursor will be attacked. Cursor turns red when within striking distance. It shines gold when there’s a chance for a special attack.
  9. Enemy Player Information: Touch to face selected player.
  10. Information on Enemy Outside Field of Vision: Displays where the enemy is when they’re outside your field of vision. An arrow will display when you’re being targeted.


Here’s a look at the controls:


  • Move: Control with stick (Left Grip)
  • Dash*: Hold down the dash button and move with stick (Left Grip)
  • Attack: Press attack button. Continue pressing for combo (Right Button)
  • Guard: (Against enemy attacks) press attack button (Right Button)
  • Evade*: (Against the targeted enemy’s attack) Press left or right on the stick + dash button (Left Grip)
  • Switch Target: Short press on the Target Button (Or the Enemy Information button)
  • Camera Reset: Press the stick

*Consumes Magic Power





By touching Command Cards and selecting three you can pick your attack procedure. There are different effects that can be used depending on the Command Cards selected. You have the choice to pick yourself or have it automatically select for you.


For example, selecting three “Quick” cards will get you 10 stars. Getting 3 “Arts” gives you 10% NP. Three “Busters” increases the attack of all of your cards.



You can pull off a “Brave Chain” when getting three cards with gold decorations to add a forth “Extra Attack.”



A “Support Chain” activates when you pick three cards that have the icon of one of your benched Servants, allowing you to use a Support Skill from that Servant.



When your NP reaches 100% you can hold down the Noble Phantasm button to charge and activate. This attack hits all enemies within range.



As previously mentioned, when the Enemy Target Cursor turns gold,  you can activate a Special Attack. Special Attacks can’t be guarded.


A location test will take place from December 8-10 at Sega Akihabara Building 1 and Sega Akihabara Building 3. Testers will be chosen at random from a raffle.


Fate/Grand Order Arcade releases in Japanese arcades in 2018.

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