Undertale Lets You Date Monsters If You Don’t Want To Fight Them



Toby Fox has released a new trailer of his upcoming RPG Undertale in order to mark its arrival on Steam Greenlight. You can watch it above. There’s also a Windows and Mac demo that can be downloaded on the game’s website.


Undertale takes place in a world where monsters and humans co-exist, or rather, they did. At one point, there was a war between the two races. The humans came out victorious, and decided to seal the monsters underground with a magical spell.


That’s the background of the game. The rest of it starts when a small child falls into a hole inside Mt. Ebott, tumbling into the world of these locked away monsters. What ensues is a surreal adventure that compares favorably to Earthbound.


One of the game’s unique features is its battle system. Rather than turn-based combat or hack ‘n’ slash, battles are played out like a shmup inside a tiny box. Enemies will send all sorts of projectiles into this box, where you control your heart, and must use dodging and well-timed attacks to defeat them.


But you don’t have to battle any monsters at all, so yes, a pacifist run is completely possible. Instead you can hug and date the monsters if you wish. The game also has plenty of humor mixed within its stranger goings-on, such as a character called Toriel that only wants to be your mother, marrying robots, and hints on signposts such as “Three out of four grey rocks recommend you push them.”


Undertale was successfully funded on Kickstarter in July 2013. It should be out for PC later this year.

Chris Priestman