The Unholy Society – A Game Of Turn-Based Exorcisms

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The Unholy Society pits the player against demons, vampires, werewolves, and other pop culture villains have taken over the world, and only a retired, whiskey-drinking exorcist can turn them back through turn-based exorcisms.


The Unholy Society will explore a world in the aftermath of demonic takeover, filled with monstrous beings the player will have to deal with as they work to clean up the streets and recover their lost memories. Inspired by Preacher and Constantine, the game features a gloomy sense of humor and a chain-smoking exorcist to fight evil with, one who may have to make a periodic phone call to the Pope for some assistance in dealing with Dracula, the Great Old One, or Satan himself.

When players stumble across evil, they’ll use their old bible, revolver, and a wooden stake in turn-based combat, choosing the correct tools to whittle down their sinister opponent. There will be live-action segments during these fights as well, so players can’t always take their time to slowly plan out each fight.


The Unholy Society is set to release in Q2 2018, according to its Steam Page.

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