Uniqlo Pokemon UTGP 2019 Shirt Winners Revealed

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Every year, Uniqlo holds a global t-shirt design contest known as the UT Grand Prix, with each one having its own theme. UTGP 2019’s was Pokemon, and now the winners have been revealed. There were over 18,000 entries, and 24 will be available to buy starting June 24, 2019. The Grand Prize design will even appear in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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The Grand Prize Uniqlo Pokemon shirt winner was Li Wen Pei, from China. This shirt is the one that helped show off trainer customization in Pokemon Sword & Shield. This shirt will be available in black in Men’s sizes for $14.90 and in white for Kids’ sizes for $9.90.


When providing a description for the winning shirt, Li Wen Pei said,

“I felt crazy and couldn’t believe it when I saw the result. I read the email several times and finally confirmed it for myself that it’s really the grand prize. How can it be!?

The theme of this design is ‘Ocean King.’ The unique point is that, I use a totem style to present it. Magikarp is the faith in a fans’ mind. Also, the evolution from weakness to mightiness is like a miracle. Totem style really matches the faith and feeling I think. So I redesigned Magikarp and Gyarados into totem styles. The contrast between them is definitely impressive.”


The second prize went to Mizukilobyte from Japan, who created an Unown design. It will be available in Men’s sizes for $14.90. Third place went to Emily from the US and features a Pikachu reclining under an Alolan Exeggutor. It will be available in Women’s sizes for $14.90 and Kids’ sizes for $9.90.


Here are all 24 shirt designs. Some, like Mizukikobyte’s Unown, Gary Chen’s Pikachu ice cream bar, MiekoNeko’s Ditto, CTRLD’s Jigglypuff, and CKien Yap’s Pikachu and Charizard shirts, have designs on the front and back.

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The Uniqlo Pokemon shirts will be available online and in-stores on June 24, 2019.

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