Unity-Chan Goes To Work With Various Demos And Sample Scenes



In our last report on Unity-Chan, we got a look at how Unity Japan came up with the idea of their new mascot. Now that we know the story behind the character, 4Gamer shows us exactly how she’s used by developers using the Unity engine.


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First, you’d have to download Unity-Chan’s 3D data from the official website, which can then be used for various games with the Unity engine and applications.


Once you have her up, you’ll be able to try out various parts and demo scenes with Unity-Chan. Here’s a look at some examples of shadows and their quality levels:


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Fast and Simple.

004 005

Good and Beautiful.

006 007

Fantastic and Brilliant.

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If you’re wondering what’s going on with Unity-Chan’s sleepy-looking eyes on the left image, it seems to be something that happens after doing a package import, which can be fixed through the UnityEditor. This is a bug that will be fixed in a future update.


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Using the ARPoseTest, you can check out various poses with Unity-Chan, and simple movements such as running demos with the Locomotion.


Next is a series of images using the Nav Mesh Example, where you basically click at a location, and you’ll have Unity-Chan move towards it while avoiding obstacles, just to get an idea of what it’s like seeing Unity-Chan in a game that’s currently being tested out.


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The Bootcamp is a default demo for Unity, that depicts an example of a third-person shooter set in a modern day scenario.


Now, here’s a look at Unity-Chan invading the Bootcamp:


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You can also make her show up in the Car Tutorial, used for making racing games, stunt games, or just to have a vehicle in any game you’re working on:



According to 4Gamer, Unity’s animation system, known as Mechanim, continues to grow, and they expect indie game developers to have a lot of fun with that in the near future. They also hope to see other developers give Unity-Chan a try, whether it’s for looking at sample, animation patterns, or just for the fun of it.


Current and future game developers using the Unity game engine, can download Unity-Chan, here.

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