Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo World to Add Donkey Kong Area in 2024

Super Nintendo World Donkey Kong

Universal Studios Japan has announced that it intends to open a Donkey Kong area as an extension of Super Nintendo World sometime in 2024. Additionally, Nintendo Director Shigeru Miyamoto will be involved in the development of this new area. While details regarding the Donkey Kong area are currently scarce, the development of several roller coasters are mentioned. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

It was also revealed that this area will be designed to look like a jungle. Themed food and drinks will be available in the new area, similar to the rest of Super Nintendo World. Consumers can currently purchase Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Bowser themed food and drinks through the park. Additionally, Universal Studios Japan has revealed that once the Donkey Kong area is complete, Super Nintendo World will be 1.7 times larger.

Super Nintendo World officially opened in March 2021 after facing numerous delays due to COVID-19. The park features various Mario themed attractions and currently has a website where people can view the attractions through a 3D tour. It also includes a list of stores and available food items consumers can purchase.

The Donkey Kong extension in Super Nintendo World will open sometime in 2024. More information regarding the attractions will arrive sometime in the future.

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