Unlock New Dungeons By Rubbing Girls Up In This Nintendo 3DS RPG

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So. Does anyone remember that very short clip within this video that had us all sit up and go, “Hmm… I wonder if that would make it over to the US…?”


Arc System Works are working it extensively into the game through what’s called the Factor Liberation Mode. After defeating rivals such as Tenshi or Angel, players have a short period to get them to cough up their “Factor”. You do this by, well, rubbing them all over on the touch screen of the 3DS.


It’s a prison planet after all, so maybe this is their version of a search inspection?


You’ll unlock the next dungeon that has more clues to the spaceship your team is hoping to escape on, but if you do well enough during the, er, “Climax Phase,” the game will extend Factor Liberation Mode. You’ll also get to see a bonus cut scene.


Uhm… okay then.


Ages of Amazones will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan November 14th.

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