Unlucky Seven Joins Death Row Prisoners On Missions Of Galactic Exploration


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Unlucky Seven gives players a crew of death row prisoners who have all been offered freedom in exchange for testing unstable starships and exploring dangerous worlds, a deal that doesn’t take long to go dangerously wrong.


Players act as Moreau, a pilot who will have to make various decisions to help him and his crew stay alive. There will be many such calls, as the game’s developers tout that every decision the player makes will guide the story in different directions or lead the characters to different puzzles, dialogues, and situations as they work their way through a dangerous space station.

These calls, which will take the game in many gory directions (with cannibalism being one possible problem), can bring about twenty different endings. However, players will have to avoid the many gruesome ends the game has in store for its animal crew in order to reach them.


Unlucky Seven is projected to release in 2018, according to its Steam page.

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