Unravel The Words Of The Dead Using Recorded EVP In Sylvio Remastered

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Juliette Waters sets out to record ghost voices in an abandoned park in Sylvio Remastered, a completely remade copy of the original release of Sylvio from 2015.




Juliette uses a recorder that can sense ghosts, using its reader to hunt down their voices and presences to capture what they are saying as she explores the nightmarish park. Once she has a recording, she can then use her reel recorder to manipulate the playback speed and direction, finding hidden messages in the garbled recordings.




She will also use a modified shotgun to fend off the more aggressive spirits and use some of the items in her environment. It can be loaded with various kinds of debris for different effects.




Sylvio Remastered, which will be given to previous owners of Sylvio for free, remakes the original game in Unity 5 (the engine used for Firewatch and Layers of Fear). This version of the game also comes with controller support and other requested features from the original game.




Players who do not own the game can support its developer on Patreon before the end of April to receive a Steam Key. The developer has Sylvio Remastered scheduled for May 2. A sequel, Sylvio 2, is also in development at this time.

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