Unto The End Promises Challenging Sidescrolling Combat With Its Tale Of Revenge

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With your family slaughtered, you have little to guide yourself with besides a desire for revenge in sombre action game Unto the End.


Unto the End follows a lone warrior who is following after the beast that killed his family. It is somewhere in the frozen mountains, taking the player out into a harsh terrain full of creatures that mean to stop his journey. These monsters are clever fighters, with the developers promising bloody, tactical, challenging combat against the beings they come across.

While in this hostile land, players will also be given choice through an “action-crafted narrative”, which will allow the player to take different routes on each playthrough. The developers have not stated what constitutes a narrative that is guided by action, whether that be through their combat decisions or other calls the player can make, at this time.


Unto the End’s visually-striking journey of revenge is in development, but can be wishlisted on Steam now.

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