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Upcoming PS4, PS Vita Game Kodoku Finds Horror In The Ghosts Of Japanese Mythology



Carnivore Studio has revealed some early footage of its upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita survival horror game Kodoku. You can see it above but note that Carnivore Studio writes that it shows “lots of temporary things running in the game (I’ll find some time to implement proper font rendering, I swear), but that will give you an idea of the visual result in game.”


Kodoku has you playing as a collector who travels to the titular abandoned island in search of a rare book. Upon this island is haunted by paranormal entities from Japanese mythology, as you’ll see in the video. And so, as well as finding this book, you need to discover the source of the paranormal phenomena in order to escape the island safely. You’ll also need to gather documents to prove that the ghosts you see are real.



Unlike many of its peers in the survival horror genre, Kodoku does not have any guns, but it does have spells. You have to create them in a simple crafting system. However, they’re not used aggressively, being limited only to solving puzzles and to distract enemies as you sneak past. The rest of the game is focused entirely on stealth. You’ll need to hide in the shadows and listen to noises to be successful, while also using a mechanic that allows you to focuses your senses – this lets you detect the direction and proximity of threats.


Carnivore Studio hopes to publish a comic book alongside Kodoku. You can see early screenshots below alongside panels from the comic.






Chris Priestman