Upcoming RPG Amber Throne Has A Beautiful Painterly Look


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Amber Throne is an upcoming turn-based RPG set in a desert world where a castle looms high above. As you can see in the screenshots, it has a painterly art style consisting of soft brush strokes pale colors.


You play as Arra, the daughter of the Amber God, who has awakened in a time that is not her own, and must find a way to put an end to the Throne that her father hid from the world.


Previously, the Amber God saw that his death was imminent due to a rebellion in his kingdom. So he lifted his entire kingdom into the sky behind an impenetrable cloud in order to save the lands below. The Throne was stuck with everything else in the kingdom. Over time, as people invented new machines, the Throne came under threat once again, and so Arra has been awakened.


As Arra is from a previous era, she tends to use classic weaponry such as large broadswords, though she will not turn down a rifle either. You’ll be able to pick up other characters to form a party as you progress through Amber Throne’s world, too. That includes an outcast humanoid-bird armed with a spear called Sirra, and Evelyn, who was chosen by the Red King to inherit the Amber Throne and become the next Amber God.


You can find out more about Amber Throne in the RPG Maker forum. Its Twitter account also contains infrequent updates. Plus, there’s a gallery of screenshots to have a look at here, some of which are below.






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