An Update On How Unsung Story Is Coming Along


    Playdek have shared an update on the ongoing development of Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, the crowdfunded strategy RPG being developed by them in collaboration with Tactics Ogre creator Yasumi Matsuno.


    Details of the game’s story and character development have been hammered out over the past several months by Playdek and Matsuno. The first three full scenarios from the game are currently “completely mapped out with their component stages”.


    On the character design front, Akihiko Yoshida (Bravely Default) will be focusing on the development of key characters from the main story. The first art pieces from Yoshida are expected in early Fall. Meanwhile, additional concept art to define the rest of the game’s world is also in the works.


    On the music front, composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and his team are “reviewing the storyline and the current scenarios” in preparation for composing the game’s music.


    Finally, development on the game’s battle system has been “moving forward,” specifically with regards to the triangle/hex system, battle actions, character action turns and movement. Some level design work has been completed and playable scenarios are presently being built within the battle system.


    Playdek have also made some changes to their marketing plans. The focus of the Unsung Story brand has shifted from the card game to the strategy RPG instead, and the RPG will be released first with the prequel card game coming afterwards. The reason for this decision is that the RPG helps convey the tone of the world better, which Playdek want to have in place for the card game’s late Summer 2015 release.


    More details on upcoming events regarding Unsung Story can be found here.

    Ishaan Sahdev
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