PlayStation Vita

Uppers’ First Screenshots Show Thugs Beating Thugs, And Hitting On Girls



Marvelous recently announced Uppers, a PlayStation Vita beat ‘em up by Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki. Famitsu shares a first look at some of its screenshots and new details.


Uppers is an over the top beat ‘em up action game that takes place on an island  where a bunch of fighters gather and fight, as fighting is the most popular form of entertainment there. The game is being developed by Bullets, known for having worked on some of the Kenka Bancho games.


The game’s story and action is said to be ridiculous like Senran Kagura but it’ll also have some heated deep moments, according to scenario writer Yujinori Kitajima.



As far as the action goes, it will be “battles without any rules,” so that means anything goes. You can smash enemies through walls, damage them by throwing whatever you can get your hands on, and more.



For example, in this game bikes aren’t for riding, but for throwing at opponents. You can break fire hydrants also shoot enemies up in the air as shown in the above screenshot.



Fighting is the main focus of Uppers, you’ll get to hit on girls while fighting to have them cheer you on, which actually provides you with buffs. And since it’s a Kenichiro Takaki game, you’ll also get to “motorboat” them, too.


Uppers will release in Japan in spring 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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