PlayStation Vita

Uppers’ Latest Gameplay Video Shows How You Can Get “Lucky”



Marvelous released two new gameplay videos for Kenichiro Takaki’s upcoming PS Vita beat ‘em up Uppers, with a look at the “Lucky S. Break & Full Beat ‘em Up” and “Crane Rock” features.


The first one shows the “Lucky S. Break & Full Beat ‘em Up” feature. It gives us a look at how you can “accidentally” get hit into a motorboat position with one of the spectator girls and get a power up after. It’s pretty funny hearing them yell “revived!” after it happens.


The next one is the “Crane Rock” feature, which is basically when you hit an enemy into a cargo crane box and rock their world.


Uppers will release in Japan on July 14, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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