Urusei Yatsura Anime Reboot Opening and Ending Credits Released

Urusei Yatsura Anime Opening Ending

Fuji Television has uploaded the credit-less versions of both the opening and ending credits for the Urusei Yatsura anime reboot. The series began airing earlier this week, on October 13, 2022. Both themes are also available to listen to on various music streaming services. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The opening theme is “aiue”, featuring vocals from artist Minami and music from SAKURAmoti. The opening credits start off with a newly-animated Ataru juxtaposed against panels from the original Urusei Yatsura manga. He then proceeds to try and avoid Lum, an alien princess that is infatuated with Ataru.

During the opening, snippets of Lum in various forms appear. There are references to classic arcade games such as Space Invaders, as well as visual novels, JRPGS, and various other subcultures.

The ending theme is “Tokyo Shandy Rendezvous”, featuring music from artists Kafu and Tsumiki. Kafu previously wrote one of the ending themes for the anime Black Clover and has also collaborated with VTuber Kizuna Ai. The ending credits simply depict Ataru and Lum surrounded by hearts and stars, with Lum wearing various loungewear and clothes.

Creator Rumiko Takahashi announced the Urusei Yatsura anime reboot back in January 2022. The original anime ran from 1981 to 1986 and has appeared in other countries under the titles LumLum the Invader Girl, and Those Obnoxious Aliens. Additionally, Discotek recently announced that it had acquired the rights to the distribution of the original anime series via Blu-Ray.

The Urusei Yatsura anime reboot is available to watch exclusively on HIDIVE.

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