Usada Pekora won her bet for the race horse Titleholder
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Usada Pekora Won Big in a Bet for Her Favorite Horse’s Final Race

Usada Pekora has made a big win after her bet in a horse race succeeded. The Japanese Hololive VTuber placed a ¥500,000 (~$3,500) bet on the racing horse Titleholder at the Arima Kinen race on December 24, 2023. The bet succeeded, and she received a payout of ¥1,650,000 (~$11,600). The success came with even more sentimental value, as it was also the final race the horse took part in.

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Usada Pekora has been known as a fan of Titleholder. Oricon noted that the person behind the VTuber had placed the same bets for the horse at the previous Arima Kinen race on December 25, 2022, and the Spring Tenno Sho race on April 30, 2023. However, she lost both bets as Titleholder did not finish in the top three in either race.

Titleholder managed to finish in third place at the 2023 Arima Kinen race. Pekora won her bet and received her payout. That means the VTuber has not only recovered the money she lost in her previous two bets; she even made a profit of ¥150,000! This race was also the last one for Titleholder before he went on to retirement as a stud horse.

An archived version of Pekora’s livestream covering the horse race is available right below:

Usada Pekora is one of Hololive’s most popular VTubers with over 2.39 million subscribers recorded on her YouTube channel as of December 2023. The VTuber is also known for releasing multiple songs. In mid-December 2023, Pekora released the duet song “Bridal Dream” with Houshou Marine, a fellow Hololive VTuber who ranks just above her at over 2.96 million subscribers.

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