Use City Of Brass’ Whip To Stun Enemies, Swing Across Arabian Rooftops

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City of Brass is a first-person roguelite adventure, one where players will need to get good with their scimitar, magic powers, and versatile whip if they wish to live long and find riches.


Set in an Arabian Nights-style backdrop, City of Brass casts players out into a hostile generated world, one where they will have to slide, leap, and clamber over city walls and weave through elaborate traps to stay alive. They’ll also have to use a variety of weapons and tools to deal with the skeletal warriors and magical enchantresses who stand in their way, staying light on their feet to avoid the mobs of lethal undead. Players will need to do this in a hurry, though, as each area has a time limit.

Players will get a great deal of use out of their whip in these combat situations, though. A crack of the weapon can disarm a foe should it strike their weapon or hand, blind and stun them temporarily by smacking them in the face, trip them by grabbing them by the legs, or it can be used to grapple onto outcroppings and convenient hoops, letting the player pull themselves up to a better vantage point.


Players will be able to collect treasures should they use their weapons (and carefully manipulate the game’s traps) to decimate their foes well. These treasures can be traded with various genies the player finds in order to get various benefits or have wishes granted that will make them greatly powerful.

City of Brass is available now on Steam, but is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One in 2018.

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