Use Godly Power For Revenge In Sidescrolling Action Game Ilios, Betrayal of Gods


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Dying as he sees his sisters fall during the sacking of Troy, Polites begs Poseidon to intervene. The deity gives Polites his life back, along with the power to travel between the mortal and divine worlds, to have his revenge in sidescrolling action game Ilios, Betrayal of Gods.


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Polites has many different combat options to use against his enemies in his trek across the game’s nine mythology-inspired worlds. He can access over sixty different combos across several weapons, unlocking them with Treachery points gained from defeating his foes.


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Polites will start his journey with the falcata, a quick sword he took from his brother’s body, and a mechanical arm that fires beams. From those beginnings, he can gain weapons from defeated Gods, taking the Ares Spear, Hammer of Hephaestus, and more armaments. These each have their own skill trees and super attacks, letting players choose the best way to approach combat.


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The power to shift realms can be used in a fight to grant Polites an advantage. It will let him shift onto another plane of existence, dodging damage, and if executed at just the right moment, it will allow him to counter the enemy’s attack.


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Chaining combos, counters, and other attacks together will raise the player’s score for the level, and upon reaching one hundred hits, the player will enter Blind Wrath mode. They deal more damage in this state, but lose the ability to shift planes and avoid hits.


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Outside of combat, players will be able to explore the game’s environments, changing planes to find different objects and routes through each stage. Players will also be able to use the weapons of the Gods to open new paths as well, letting them find missed secrets in old stages with each weapon.


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The player can also affect the story and ending of Ilios, Betrayal of Gods based on decisions they make throughout the game, such as choosing whether or not to kill the defeated God bosses.


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A Kickstarter campaign has begun for Ilios, Betrayal of Gods, as well as a Steam Greenlight campaign. The developers hope to release it in last quarter of 2017.

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