Use A Team’s Varied Abilities To Solve Puzzles, Maniac Mansion-Style, In The Last Goddess



The player will switch between four different characters, each with their own abilities and powers, to solve puzzles and track down a missing university professor in adventure game The Last Goddess.




Advertising designer Seiko,folklore doctoral candidate Tamara, design intern Colin, and Special Agent Carmen all have different reasons to find the professor, but all of them will band together to seek him out. Like the cast of Maniac Mansion, each has their own special skills to add, creating a useful team dynamic where knowing the right person for the job will help players crack the game’s puzzles.




Players will be able to follow the four characters through near-future Tampa should the game meet its Kickstarter goal. The Last Goddess is also seeking votes on Steam Greenlight, and is expected to come out in first quarter of 2018.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!