Use Time-Travelling Tactics To Hack, Sneak, Or Fight In This Tech-Noir Game


All Walls Must Fall follows a single night in Berlin as time-manipulating agents scramble to find the source of a nuclear disaster that will burn the world to ash by the end of the night. With a little help from the player, they’ll be able to hack, bluff, or fight their way to the source of the danger, and even if they don’t they can always rewind time to try again.


Players are given a suite of options to tackle the procedurally combined rooms and night clubs around Berlin, able to talk or bluff their way through situations using a diplomatic approach. Players will also have the ability to hack into terminals to play around with equipment or security devices, or can just walk into a room, guns blazing. Each of these will have particular effects and consequences in combat and story, but players can also observe these outcomes for future reference, going back in time and using that knowledge on their next attempt.

All Walls Must Fall uses a hybrid simultaneous turn-based and real-time system, where events can be picked in advance with all foes and players moving at the same time. These actions will also occur to the tune of the music, tying the game’s events into the game’s club music, as much of the events occur in nightclubs.


All Walls Must Fall is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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