Use Traps And Tricks To Escape The Dark Dungeons In Tiny Keep



When permadeath gets you down, you’ve just got to keep on truckin’ in top-down procedurally generated dungeon escape game Tiny Keep, recently released on Steam.


Tiny Keep isn’t a 60-hour long epic RPG, but is instead a smaller, tougher action-RPG that punishes mistakes heavily. You won’t be able to rely on brute force to get your sorry self out of these dark dungeons either – these monsters will work together to take you down.


Conniving tactics such as hiding behind corners while rival monsters fight each other, luring the ugly things into fire pits and rotating crushers, and making use of the physics-based environment to otherwise avoid direct conflict is best.



That’s not to say that you won’t ever get into a bloody battle, because you certainly will. Luckily, the coins collect will give you buffs to give you an advantage. You will also collect new items and weapons that’ll help you out, some that even slow down time, give you temporary invincibility, and others that give you super secret saves (very handy).


There are also other prisoners that you can free from their cages to have fight alongside you. The problem with doing that is you don’t know which ones have gone crazy while being held captive in the dark – some may turn on you.


So, if you’re looking for a challenging dungeon crawler that won’t absorb all of your free time then perhaps consider giving Tiny Keep a look. It’s available for $14.99 (discounted at $9.89 currently) on Steam.

Chris Priestman