Usurper–A Metroidvania Of Eldritch Horrors

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Usurper is a Metroidvania of battling Eldritch horrors, tasking players with heading out into 1898 London in order to scale a strange structure, The Citadel, find the source of the beasts, and turn them back.


Players will have access to swords, spears, guns, whips, magic, and many more tools on their quest to defeat these monsters, allowing to build various characters to best deal with the horrors that inhabit The Citadel. Players will also want to work on their dodging as well as their offense, as they can gain Guard Points, which will let them absorb later damage, should they successfully roll through an enemy’s attack, allowing to fight aggressively throughout Usurper.

Usurper aims to take players to a variety of locales throughout its gloomy look at London, offering ruined cities, bleak libraries, Eldritch lands, and crashed spaceships for players to explore. These places are filled with secrets and shortcuts as well, encouraging players to poke and prod at every part of the map to see what they can locate.


Usurper’s full release is available now on Steam.

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