Uurnog Is A Whimsical Game Of Stealing Animals And High Explosives



Players are out to steal all kinds of animals and odd life forms, each having useful abilities players can use to get around, in a world full of high explosives in platformer Uurnog.


Screen Shot 6


Players are free to pick up just about any creature they see on their journey. While carrying them, the animal might fire shots, help the player glide, or grant them a number of useful abilities they can use to get through barriers or survive on the way back to the save room. Any animal the player brings to the save room is kept forever, unless the player happens to bring some danger back with them to their hideout.


Should the player die while out collecting animals, all of their progress will be lost and the world will be shuffled around. Only what’s in the save room will be left alone, so players will want to get their cute menagerie home as quickly as possible.


Screen Shot 2


While dodging explosives and wrangling wildlife, players can enjoy the algorithmic soundtrack, which builds the music around what the player is doing. They can also stop to listen to the strange words of the talking cubes that exist in the game’s world, finding them wherever the strange creatures choose to show up.


Uurnog features two different ends, both of which players will be able to access when the game comes out through March’s Humble Monthly Bundle.

Alistair Wong
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