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Valhalla Knights 3’s Upcoming Patch Adds Convenient Features For Players


On the other side of the pond, Marvelous AQL recently announced their achievement of having moved 65,000 copies of Valhalla Knights 3, and also announced their plans to address issues with the game in a future patch. Here’s a look at some fixes and tweaks that’ll be arriving via update later this month.


Marvelous AQL producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who often posts updates and announcements on Valhalla Knight 3’s blog page shares some more details on what to expect in the update.


Some players felt that going around from the prison castle to the Entertainment District and other places was a bit of a drag. To resolve this problem, the update will be adding a secret passage in the prison castle, along with some NPCs that will help warp your way around the prison castle, Entertainment District and an area known the Bottom Layer.


As previously reported, the update will be tweaking the camera works by adding a new adjustable option that allows you to change the camera speed.


To make things more convenient for players, the devteam is also adding more features to the action command. The square button can now be used for checking treasure boxes, dropped items, and doors. This will now fix the problem many players had, which saw their characters doing attacks instead of picking up items.


The Camp Menu screen will also be seeing an adjustment, that will be making it easier to navigate, in addition to quicker access to the Save and Load options.


There was apparently an odd glitch that showed any total play time of over 100 hours to be over 999 hours. This has also been adjusted, and players with anything over 100 hours will now resume from that point.


Various game balance tweaks have also been made for general improvements, although no specifics were mentioned.


Xseed have announced that they’ll be bringing Valhalla Knights 3 to the West this Fall. You can check out a bunch of screenshots and a story summary that was shown at E3, here.


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