Valiant Legion RPG Brings Brings Fighters, Mages And Rogues To Smartphones

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Valiant Legion, a new free-to-play smartphone action-RPG title, was supposed to go into open beta earlier this month. However, its developers posted on Facebook nothing that after consideration of the tweaks they need to implement, they will be holding off on open beta and instead conduct another closed beta some time this month


Valiant Legion plays similarly to other smartphone RPGs by reproducing a joystick on the lower left hand side of the screen and battle commands such as utilizing magic or attacks on the right. It will also feature arena PvP and currently has three classes to choose from—Fighters, Rogues and Mage.


Players will be able to customize equipment, with new equipment being available either as drops, in the cash shop, or as part of a gacha lucky dip mechanic.


Fighters utilize melee weapons and are as usual first to the foray, swinging mighty axes, hammers and whatever else while holding shields to mitigate damage. Rogues can be either long or short-ranged combatants by swapping between crossbows and daggers. Mages are as always fragile long-ranged walking nuclear bombs flinging elemental spells, with only a cane or spear to defend themselves if foes close in. It will also be possible to class rank up, said the developers.


If you’d like to sign up for the open beta, you can do so here. Successful candidates will get a bunch of free stuff, such as a limited edition servant leggings, five revival tickets for instant revival, and three gacha random copper tickets that can be used to trade for a shot at equipment.



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