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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Post-Game Features Let You Resurrect The Dead


Every Valkyria Chronicles game has some sort of post-game incentive for people to enjoy. Think of it as a way to encourage people to come back to the game after it has been beaten or to get them to go through a new game plus file. Valkyria Chronicles 4 is no different. After you beat the game, you get an Infirmary, a Cenotaph, Skirmishes, six additional characters, and the ability to unlock a True Ending.

Editor’s note: There are absolutely going to be spoilers below, given that we are going to be talking about bringing back the dead.

Just in case anyone did not heed the spoiler warning up there, we will kick this off by talking about the new features you can unlock. Once the game has been beaten once, you get an Infirmary where you can spend Renown points earned by playing the game to unlock features. You also have the Cenotaph, which lets you revive people who have died. (This includes folks who died as part of the story.) Finally, new Skirmish maps are available. You immediately get some Renown after loading the clear save file after beating Valkyria Chronicles 4 once, so you can already start buying some new features.


The Infirmary is good for getting better characters and preparing to unlock additional content. (You can find it in Headquarters.) Every class’ level cap can be raised to 30 in exchange for Renown. You can also pay to get a random Rank 1, 2, 3, or 4 weapon. (This is a repeated bonus.) The Cactus upgrade option can get you new items. There is “ A Steamy Ceasefire” interlude to unlock. Also, you can get a Music Room. The cheapest item is a 1000 renown Rank 1 Reward Weapon, and the Music Room is most expensive at 30,000.


“A Steamy Ceasefire” is probably the most important of those unlocks for people who like the characters and enjoyed the story. You need to purchase it to earn the Valkyria Chronicle 4 True Ending. First, you buy that and watch all of the new story segments added with it. Watching the interlude’s segments unlocks “The Promised Aurora” in Chapter 13. Watching it unlocks Hard Mode for the final battle. If you can beat it (maybe buy the higher level caps before trying), then you get a new ending.


The Cenotaph is for bringing back the dead and is also in Headquarters. Here, you can pay DCT to bring back people you got killed in Valkyria Chronicles 4, as well as people the game killed as part of the story. This means Christel and Raz come back. (Yes, both of them die. I agree, it is very sad.) Christel does not have any unlock requirements, just like the normal troops you got killed. Raz does. To get the “invincible” Darcsen back, you need to complete the “Beneath the Frost” Skirmish that unlocked after beating the game. “Smells Like Dad,” a Chapter 13 segment, is unlocked after doing so. If you have 100,000 DCT, you can get Raz back. (If you are curious, when I resurrected Christel, she cost 16,500 DCT.)


Raz and Christel are only two of the post-game units you can get. “Into the Woods,” one of the post-game Skirmishes, unlocks a Grenadier named Ben “Stahlschrott” Smith. The other four are members of the Centurion crew unlocked by clearing “Through the Fire,” a Skirmish map that unlocks after you finish “Beneath the Frost,” “Into the Woods,” and “Out of the Box.” Finishing that unlocks “The Navy Joins the Fight” in Chapter 18. Watching that gives you Andre Dunois the Engineer, Brian Haddock the Scout, Louffe the Grenadier, and Sergio Mousquelaire the Lancer.


Basically, there is a lot to do in Valkyria Chronicles 4. Once you beat it once, a lot more opens up. It is a game designed to keep challenging you, and all of the post-game content supports that notion.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 is available for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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