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Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni Shows Off The Spear-Wielder Momo Kuzuryu



Marvelous recently shared a look at Mana Inagawa of Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni in action, and the latest trailer shows one for Momo Kuzuryu, the calm and cool spear-wielder.


In Momo’s video, we get to see her tag up with Rinka Kagurazaka. She’s shown participating in a pretty rough boss fight, but gets Rinka to transform and provide her with an even more powerful spear to go with some extra new moves that prove to be much more effective.


This is followed by a “Third Drive” ability that makes the spear go another level higher. However, when the fight concludes, Rinka appears worn out and suddenly passes out.


Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni will release in Japan on December 10, 2015 for PlayStation Vita. You can check out our earlier report for a look at some footage for the two main sisters Rinka and Ranka Kagurazaka in action.

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