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Valorant Limited Console Beta End Date, Explained

The Valorant Console Limited Beta started running on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in June 2024. To be more specific, after its reveal at Summer Games Fest, console players began getting access to the console beta on June 14, 2024. However, while there is a beginning, the end date for the Valorant beta is more vague.

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When did the beta start?

As mentioned above, the console beta for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X officially began on June 14, 2024. However, the beta itself is invite-only for console players. In order to participate in Valorant’s console beta, you had to sign up for it on Riot Games’ official website initially. A Riot account is also required to register for a beta code.

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There are other ways to get in too. Beta codes are also available via referral links from those who were able to get into the limited beta. There is also a chance that if you don’t receive a console beta code before June 14, 2024m Riot Games could still invite you. The company stated it will be giving codes out for the duration of the Valorant Console Limited Beta.

How long will the Valorant console beta last?

Riot Games hasn’t said how long the Valorant Console Limited Beta will last or when it will end. Instead, Riot Games stated that the beta will last long enough for the developers to discover any bugs and performance issues that might be present in the current build.

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For reference, the original closed beta for Valorant on PC began April 7, 2020. Closed beta users were able to play until May 28, 2020. This means that beta was approximately one and a half months long. Once Riot announced the end of the closed beta, the company also revealed the official release date of June 2, 2020 for the 5v5 shooter. If Riot Games follows the same release pattern for Valorant on consoles as they did for PC, we should expect to play the limited beta for at least a month. If network issues and other bugs persist or are found, it may be extended beyond that period.

The Valorant Console Limited Beta is live on the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The game is immediately available on PCs.

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