Valve Sends Out Warnings To Games With Suggestive Content


steam warnings

Several developers of visual novels and games with erotic content on Steam have recently been hit with warnings from Valve threatening to remove the games from the store unless the game is updated to remove said content. Affected developers include HuniePot (HuniePop), Lupiesoft (Mutiny!!), Illusion (VR Kanojo), Neko Works (Tropical Liquor), and more.


Several developers and publishers, including MangaGamer (Kindred Spirits), spoke out against Valve’s sudden change of mind. MangaGamer mentioned that they were wholly in the dark with the latest apparent policy shift, and that the game would never have appeared on Steam in the first place if they hadn’t confirmed it with Valve representatives.


Developer Lupiesoft protested the sudden move as an attack against visual novel makers, and pointed out perceived double standards in terms of what counted as sexual content, as games such as Grand Theft Auto and The Witcher 3 have not been hit with similar warnings.

Alistair Wong
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