Vampires And Priests Fight Side-By-Side In Turn-Based RPG Swap Heroes


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Canadian game creator Chris Savory has released his casual turn-based RPG Swap Heroes on iOS.


In it, you have to form a party of four heroes from eight different characters, and are then plunged straight into battle against crabs, frogs, wizards, skeletons, and plenty more enemies with a range of strengths, weaknesses, and attacks.


The name Swap Heroes comes from the game’s neat hero-swapping mechanic. Your party of four is lined up in a formation that sees three of them in a row at the front, while one of them sits at the back.



To take your turn, you have to swap the places of two of your heroes. Once done, the three at the front will attack the enemies, while the one at the back will use their unique skill.


The Priest heals your party for 10 HP, while the Guardian stuns and attack enemies for 15 HP. There’s also a Vampire, Wizard, Thief, Rogue, and more to mix and match your party up with.


You can purchase Swap Heroes on the App Store for $0.99 right now. There’s more information available on its website.

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