Vanguard Princess Gets DLC With New Teenaged Fighter, New Game Modes


    Japanese indie fighting game Vanguard Princess has new DLC that adds a new character and game modes.


    It’s called Vanguard Princess Karumi and, yep, the new character is a cheerful teenager called Kurumi Mirumati. Here’s the back story for her:


    ‘Vanguard Princess Kurumi’ features the cheerful teenager, Kurumi Mirumati. Kurumi appeared from the wreckage of a plane crash without any memories of her past. As the sole survivor with no memories or known relatives, she was sent to live in an orphanage. Despite her tragedy, she has an upbeat and positive outlook on life.

    A government experiment accidentally triggered a shock wave that inexplicably gifted her with mystical powers. Shortly after receiving her new abilities, Kurumi began to hear voices. The voices promised to uncover the mysteries of her past and unveil her life’s destiny. That was enough motivation for her to leave the orphanage and purse a new world of wonders for herself.


    The new game modes are Team Mode and Streak. Team Mode has you facing against a team of two or sometimes three opponents. While Streak is a series of uninterrupted one-on-one battles that goes on until either you get knocked out or defeat the entire sequence of opponents.


    Developer eigoMANGA also notes that this DLC brings “an updated and uncensored version of ‘Vanguard Princess’ that revises the game’s single player mode.” You can purchase it on Steam for $3.99. You will, of course, need the base game to play it.

    Chris Priestman

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